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09 April 2010

A Summer Breeze of Turquoise

This week I am featuring the tropical color of turquoise. It inspires me and lets my imagination wander to a Pacific island. Can you see yourself sitting in a rattan chair sipping a mai tai and watching the waves of the ocean spill across the white sand beach. Ah yes, there it is. A summer breeze smelling of coconuts and salty sea. Enjoy the view!

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A turquoise neck scarf for summer.

Turquoise waters and cliffs line the coast at Big Sur, California.

A Racquet-tailed Rollar bird from Angola.

Turquoise handbag
by Lucciao

A trio water photos.

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  1. What an eye you have Julie! Great selections. I particularly liked the bird and the water trio.

  2. Yes... I can feel it! And... LOVE the color!! I must agree that I too like the bird... unique!

  3. Wonderful, Julie! The colors are awesome. I love them all. That bird is so entirely cool! I've never seen one like that.

  4. Oooh, pretty! Thank you for including my water trio, you made my day :)

  5. Wow that bird looks fake!!

  6. The coast is gorgeous and that bird is beautiful!

  7. Amazing bird, love the photos (Alison's work is divine), and really liking the neck rag, too. :)


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