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25 October 2009

Small Town, USA

Framed photo of a child's bright yellow antique wagon on drab sidewalkAll across America there are thousands of small towns that look empty to our eyes. We are used to our generic "big box" stores where we can find anything our heart desires. We do not have to make several stops; to the grocery, hardware store, or clothing store. Instead we can do one stop shopping now. The "big box" stores have moved in and the result is that the small "mom and pop" businesses are out. We are losing flavor. We are losing variety. We are losing our Small Town, USA. So I found myself taking in the remnants of what was left in this particular Small Town and found so much to appreciate. Support the small businesses of your community. They are us and they are in danger of becoming extinct.

A couple of brightly colored signs advertising children's art classes and supplies pops out encouraging the arts.

A child's bright yellow antique wagon on drab sidewalk
STP Wagon
A child's bright yellow antique wagon stands out in contrast to the drab surroundings along the small town sidewalk.

antique Coca Cola sign with a patina of age
Coca Cola Sign
Delicious and refreshing antique Coca Cola sign has developed a patina of age, but is still relevant in our time.

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  1. great shots!
    I love the look and feel of these few photographs.
    Thank you for sharing!


  2. The Coca-Cola sign is my favorite, but they are all great!

  3. Great message and photos! I love small towns:)

  4. I love Small Town America! Your photo r eally
    capture the feel!

  5. Your subject matter provides food for thought. It seems that, regardless of where one is in the world, giant corporations are ever intent on taking over and snuffing out the unique and creative spirit of those who endeavour to stand alone.
    It is sad for we lose so much - the very essence of who and what we are - through corporate contagion.
    Melodrama aside - your pictures are brilliant and a pleasure to behold!

  6. Very nostalgic and beautiful!

  7. I am also upset about the loss of small family run restaurants in the US. Seems they are all being replaced with chain places. Yuck.
    I love the shot of the yellow wagons and the pop of the coke sign..

  8. I totally agree! :) Great pictures

  9. Really fantastic, wonderful idea for a series of photos, Julie. Sharing this post on my Facebook page tonight, thanks! :)

  10. I love photos that make me yearn for the days of yesteryear! Good job capturing that, Julie!

  11. I always look forward to seeing what catches your eye on your travels.

  12. Thanks for the great comments!

    Suicide Barbie you can stand on my soapbox anytime. I could not agree with you more!

    McCasey, what you said is spot on! It is sad that no matter where you are in this country you find pretty much the same restaurants. Boring!

    Tina, thank you very much!! I am flattered that you think this post is worth sharing. I appreciate it very much!

  13. Every year on the way to NJ, my family and I travel through small towns. We stare out of our car windows, but never stop. Your photos remind me of those places and are telling me, "Next time you travel through, get out of the car, take a walk, and enjoy something different."

  14. The coke sign reminds me of all of the old coke bottles that I have and that also reminds me of an antique place that I went to that had nothing but coke collectables.

  15. LOVE this post, Julie! I couldn't agree more, and your lovely photos caught the sentiment perfectly!

  16. I love small country towns they always have heaps of character.

  17. Very nice pictures! Yeah it's too bad, so many big stores replacing the smaller stores!

  18. That Coke sign reminded me of what is to me not so long ago when you could buy Coca Cola in a real bottle out of an old Coke machine. 25 cents was all you needed. And they didn't have those infernal twist-off caps either. You used a "church key" or the opener mounted on the side of the machine. Young folks these days are missing out. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.


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