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17 March 2010

Mother to Be Black Squirrel

A black Abert squirrel sits on a fence post in the foothills of northern ColoradoThe snows are melting and the first little bits of green are starting to sprout. The Abert's (commonly mistaken as Albert's) squirrels of Stellers Ridge are active. I see them running down the fence, jumping from tree top to tree top, and leaping impossible distances. My eye catches a blurred streak of black against the forest background and I race for my camera. I have a lot of shots with these blurry streaks, but today I caught a very round and plump squirrel resting for a brief moment on the fence post. Then before I could get off just one more shot she streaked off. Do you think she's pregnant?

A black Abert squirrel sits on a fence post in the foothills of northern Colorado
Black Squirrel on Post
A black Abert squirrel sits on a fence post in the foothills of northern Colorado.
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  1. LOL, is that a mohawk on her head? preggo huh? cool shot, julie

  2. Could be, Julie! Great shot! I love squirrels!

  3. She's preggers or really, really scored on someone's trail mix!!

  4. What a gorgeous little creature this is and so wonderfully captured!
    And she does look a little round in the belly :-D

  5. Cute...I'm always cautious with squirrels, they're so flighty. Nice capture!

  6. oh my julie! she is so beautiful! i want to cuddle with that cute little critter! and that would be so sweet if she were preggers!
    great capture!

  7. Oh, my! What a beautiful creature! I've never seen such a darling squirrel before! Looks pregnant to me, but I'm not a squirrel expert. What I am, however, is expert in knowing what I love and I LOVE this series of sweet squirrels! Great shots and how fortunate you are to have these creatures in your neck of the woods.

  8. What a great picture! I've never seen a black squirrel, they are so cute! I think she definitely looks pregnant, or she put on a few pounds from a long winter with nothing to do but eat!!lol! I love squirrels and their silly antics!
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hmmm...she does seem to have a little bit of a tummy on her. I am thinking that soon you may have a lot more opportunity for taking photos of little squirrels! :)

    Fun photos Julie!

  10. amazing sketching! i like! :D

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  12. amazing photos, I've never seen a black squirrel before only grey and red!


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