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25 March 2010

Purple Dreams

a purple narrow leaf penstemon flowerTechnically purple is a large range of different shades between red and blue. But purple has many other meanings too. It brings a chaotic variety of things to my mind.

Purple is associated with royalty, nobility, spirituality, mystery and imagination. I think of flowers; violets, iris, lavender, lilacs, and orchids. And who does not think of grapes! There are childhood memories of grape Popsicles®, soda, bubble gum, and juice. And also from childhood, who has not read to their child "Harold and the Purple Crayon." Do you remember the "Purple People Eater?" What about "Purple Haze" and "Deep Purple?"

To celebrate this wonderful color I have chosen some of the very best purple photography from the Photographers of Etsy. Enjoy the beauty of purple and be sure to click and visit their shops.

dreamy purple flowers in gold vase
Dreaming of Spring
by Tea And Brie
no longer available

lavender in soft morning light

dreamy landscape of purple and gold

tree silhouette on a purple tapestry

Beautifully quaint flowers with a dreamy background.

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  1. Trees and Lake--so peaceful. I saw that new purple card in your shop, Julie, it's great. :)

  2. Lovely shades of purple and images to express them, Julie!

  3. Thank You, Julie! I am honored to be included among these talented artists!

  4. Meant to say thanks for the recent comments on my blog, Julie - great images. David

  5. Lovely pictures, all of them. I love purple.

  6. Thank you for including my photo!

  7. Excellent as always.

  8. once again,amazing and mind boggling how one person can transform and represent the earth in such beautiful ways. you must have alot of beauty in you.

    Yael Adas

  9. Ola garota, como é doce uma fotografias suas. Principalmente essas flores.
    Seja feliz nesta primavera que chegai ai.

  10. Thank you Julie, I so appreciate being included here! I love The Garden's Secret!

  11. Gorgeous!

  12. I had a vision of all these photos hanging in a fun room filled with purple.
    My husband...well...he couldn't handle it. :)

  13. Brilliant Julie! So inspiring that I've put together a poem about purple:

    Somewhere between red and blue.
    Magenta, but definitely not violet -
    Violet is a "real colour", vain and spectral.
    Tyrian purple divided rich from poor
    And the word creates disagreement between artists and the common man.
    Purple is at the end of life in Japan
    And denotes mourning elsewhere.

    Politically purple lies on the side of gay and not straight
    And is the culmination of two evils -
    Labour and 'Tory, or if you prefer, Democrat and Republican.
    Elitist purple was once for Royals and noblemen-
    We were edged out by price.

    But now it's available to the everyman,
    No matter the connotaions of purple cloth, purple flags or purple words,
    Purple brings togetherness with its beauty
    Because we can all admire lavender fields and pansy beds.

  14. Thanks to everyone that commented!

    Special thanks to "Genius" for writing a wonderful original poem inspired by purple. Thank you very much for sharing this with us!


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