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19 March 2010

Orange Orange

orange slices arranged like a heart on a green plateToday's post is all about color. I was inspired to pick orange by the fantastic sunrises I have been greeted by this week. They paint my bedroom in a warm orange glow making it easy to pop out of the covers and start my day. For some reason when it's gloomy it is much better to stay under the blankets. But orange rejuvenates me, gets my motor running. I hope you enjoy my guest photography today and click on the shops and photos. Oooo-aarrrrange you glad I picked orange!

orange slices arranged like a heart on a green plate

orange architectural buildings

orange gerber daisy

little orange volkswagen beetle

chinese lantern plants highlighted in the bright winter sunlight

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  1. wonderful! I see some faves here :)
    thanks for including me in your Friday Finds Julie!

  2. your colors are so brilliant... those lanterns remind me of my chinese lantern plant... love that slice of orange which u strategically placed to form a heart!.

  3. How cheerY! what a great attitude, you go girl!

  4. Thanks so much for including my little orange beetle in your round up - Orange is such an uplifting colour to have around just now after the long winter.

  5. oh julie! wonderful collection, i am so honored to be on your awesome blog! thanks so very much for including my oranges! :)
    you are right, it is a gorgeous color to wake up to!

  6. Some very nice selections; well done!

  7. Thank you Julie ! What a wonderful cheery collection of oranges :)

  8. Wow ~ I love the pieces you've chosen to feature. They all "feel" good and make one want to smile! Now I've got to click over and visit some of your guest artists! Thanks for sharing!

    Small Footprints

  9. What a warm and wonderful collection!

  10. Beautiful collection. The color is just gorgeous!

  11. Julie, you have been awarded the Sunshine Award!

    Check out my Blog post!

    I love your picks for orange!

  12. Laranja é tambem a "abóbora moranga do Brasil"
    que fiz com camarão.
    Entre no meu blog e veja: abobora moranga.


  13. I am so glad you are all enjoying this collection. I had fun putting it together!

  14. Absolutely beautiful photos ! Thank you for sharing.

  15. Orange is such a fun color I think! It makes me feel happy! :) Thanks Julie!

  16. mmmmm Oranges! We have lots of those here in Florida. Nothing like freshly squeezed OJ :)

  17. Such fun orange finds! I like them all!

  18. These are stunning, Julie!!! Thank you SO much for including my lanterns, I'm honored! :) And you know I'm a huge fan of your photography!!

  19. Thank you all for the wonderful cheery comments!

  20. Orange is a very powerful color, its cool to see how the objects can dominate it and transform it. I took a pic of some flowers that are orange in mwas blog Just If you want to check it out...
    Keep up your wonderful artwork, you are genious!


  21. Beautiful collection, representing a beautiful color! Those orange slices are making my mouth water! Yum!:-)

  22. Stunning!
    Orange is such an invigorating colour. It is a creative colour infused with great energy. It is a playful colour that enlivens our emotions and our general sense of well being. It is a warming and stimulating colour that encourages joy and cheerfulness. Purr-fect! :-)


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