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22 June 2010

Lovely Locoweed

The delicate spires of white blossoms of the locoweed plant.I was on my morning walk with my two exuberant dogs. The air still had the chill of a Rocky Mountain morning but the sun was warm. As I rounded the bend in the dusty dirt road I saw the mound of white blossoms that we locals in the West know as locoweed. It is so pretty and also so poisonous. The variety that commonly grows near my home is usually white but can also be a pale lavender. It is dangerous to grazing animals and also very tasty to them. I ponder this apparent conundrum in nature as we continue to walk through the dappled shade of pines on the dusty road.

The delicate spires of white blossoms of the locoweed plant.
Lovely Loco
The delicate spires of white blossoms of the locoweed plant are lovely and common throughout the West.
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White locoweed growing next to a country road.
Locoweed Road
White locoweed grows in a beautiful clump near a country road in Colorado.

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  1. Julie, that is gorgeous!. I've been finding more 'weeds' that are more beautiful than non weeds... Simple beauty.

  2. Wow! Stunning! Interesting facts about the plant. Wonder if it makes the animals go "loco," hence the name.

  3. I'm going to try this again! Not sure if you're going to get two comments from me or it didn't go through. But just wanted to say hi! This locoweed is so pretty! I agree with you, It doesn't seem fair that its a tasty plant yet deadly when eaten! Love the interesting facts about it!

    Tracey :-)

  4. Oh, i love your fotos. The flowers are gorgeous!
    Love white flowers. Wish you the best. Hugs Yvonne

  5. AnonymousJune 26, 2010

    Gorgeous photos Julie!

  6. Good depth and bokeh on the first one!


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