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22 May 2009

Friday Favorites - Sunflowers of Etsy

This week I would like to shine the spot light on the fantastic photographers of the Photographers of Etsy.

Here are a few of my favorite discoveries from POE. Be sure to visit each shop by clicking on the item name or shop name. Enjoy!

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  1. thank you for including my flower shot in your blog Julie! Such a bright wonderful blog!

  2. I'm thrilled to be included with all of these wonderful artists. So sweet of you. Thanks, Julie!

  3. Happy Friday! Perfect images, Julie! Incredible work, everyone! :)

  4. Happy Friday, even though I had to mow the lawn! But it done and it is Happy Friday again!

    Thanks for including my sunflower, Julie!

  5. Beautiful flowers, great photographers, what could be a better combo? A fabulous post, thanks for sharing these beauties with us.

    Peace, Judi

  6. beautiful! love the first one...have to ck you out on etsy :)

  7. Thank you Julie for including my sunflower in this beautiful collection of our fellow POE members!!

  8. Julie, this is beautiful. You have a great eye!

  9. aw these sunflowers make me smile,love this blog:) xxx


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