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17 May 2009

Sunday Morning Gallery - A Night at The Stanley

I am going to take you on a journey back in time. Come with me to The Stanley Hotel circa 1909. Built by F.O. Stanley, the same that invented the Stanley Steamer, the hotel has been featured as one of America's most haunted hotels with numerous stories from visitors and staff. In 1973 Stephen King, inspired by The Stanley's remoteness while staying in Room 217 during an intense winter storm, wrote "The Shining." And yes, it is Room 217 that Maid Elizabeth Wilson likes to visit. There are other regular ghostly visitors as well; ghost children like to play on the fourth floor, Mr. Stanley hangs out in the lobby or bar, Mrs. Stanley loves to play her piano, and Lord Dunraven resides in Room 401. So when night fell and the hotel became quiet I could not resist prowling around looking for ghosts.

The lobby looks quiet and without any apparent ghostly activity.

Historic Stanley Hotel lobby

I crept closer to the piano wondering if Mrs. Stanley would materialize in front of my eyes. The amber glow around the stage gave the room a haunted mood and I have to admit that I was getting spooked.

Piano Room at historic Stanley Hotel

Time to go upstairs and explore.

Main staircase at historic Stanley Hotel

Wait, what is that movement by the light! It must have been my imagination. It's gone now.

Dark room with window and ghost at historic Stanley Hotel

I hope someone leaves the light on for me.

Hallway light at historic Stanley Hotel


  1. Wow! Awesome photographs with your article!

    The 4th one, the window, reminds me of New Orleans.

  2. I saw these on Flickr first, but it's nice to get some background info! I especially like the sconce and the staircase. (And good idea having someone move through your frame in #4.) Oops, I mean good job shooting that ghost...

  3. Awesome, Julie! So cool!

  4. Thanks everyone! Darn, can't fool photographers can I! LOL

  5. ooo julie, nice & spooky! fabulous post! i love it! i am super jealous, i would love to go to the stanley!
    thanks for sharing! :)

  6. wow what a great hotel! I love this type of stuff!

  7. Fun, beautiful photos, and interesting to imagine the ghost story!!!

  8. Thanks for posting these! What a cool place, and wonderful photographs. I wish I could have been there with you!

  9. ooooh! I love this post! The pics are nice and spooky! Great work!


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