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10 May 2009

Sunday Morning Gallery - A Day with Mom

Last summer during my Mom's semiannual visit we loaded up the 4Runner and headed up the Poudre Canyon west of Fort Collins, Colorado. Our destination was Long Draw Reservoir. The road to Long Draw opens in late June and is usually closed by September so the window of opportunity to drive it is limited to the peak of summer. The road is used for cross country skiing in the winter.

After a few stops to take some family photos next to the raging Poudre River we made it to Long Draw Road. Here's Mom and Ric.

The South Fork of the Poudre River follows the winding dirt road and was bubbling and burbling music to our ears.

A wet meadow opened up as the road came around a tight bend and to our delight a bull moose was grazing on the tender new growth. Oops. He saw me.

Then we forded the little South Fork, climbed a rise, and there was the beautiful vista of the Long Draw Reservoir with the Never Summer Range in the distance.

It was a lovely day with Mom. Wishing all you Moms a wonderful Mother's Day.


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you and your mom, Julie!

  2. Happy Mother's Day Julie! What a great day you guys had!

  3. thanks for taking time to stop by and wish me a happy mom day.. it might be late but wanted to wish you and your mom the same! We are so lucky to have our moms still... cherish is what we must do!
    I hope some day to take Rita to Colorado.. I lived in Denver for a short time and loved it but too big!

  4. Love the story and the pics Julie :)
    hope you and your mom had an awesome day.

  5. I highly recommend a visit to Colorado! And I can offer free advice to any who ask.

  6. what a sweet story julie! looks like such a nice day!

    hope you had a wonderful mother's day this year! :)

  7. Awww Julie, you are such a wonderful spirit. Sweet, kind, and always seeing the beauty around you. These shots are lovely (the shot w/ Mom by the river reminded me of the canyon I grew up near in ID). Thank you so much for your kind words-- I'm lucky to have such a sweet and talented blog friend.

  8. Love the last one Julie. It's very harmonic and peaceful. Calms one down!


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