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31 May 2009

Sunday Morning Gallery - Wildflowers of the Rockies

It is not easy to define a wildflower; what one person considers a wildflower may be a weed to another. All we may safely say is that they are wild plants with flowers and that they may be found almost anywhere. Here are a few from my neck of the woods.

Stemless Daisy

Rocky Mountain Columbine

Scotch Thistle

Narrowleaf Penstemon


Western Wallflower

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  1. Beautiful photos! I especially like the Rocky Mountain Columbine!

  2. Beautiful Julie!! Another big vote for the beauty of the Columbine shot!

  3. Lovely flowers, Thank You for sharing!

    Your new banner is awesome, those colored letters
    really stand out.

  4. Gorgeous! I have Columbine in my garden and they are just starting to bloom.

  5. I love columbine too! I have a lot of different colors in my garden but my favorite is still the wild variety you stumble upon on a hike.

    Cathy, thanks for mentioning my new banner. Glad you like it!

  6. I've got columbine in my garden too! They are one of my favorites. I've always been amused by the arbitrary line between flower and weed.

  7. They are so pretty! The daisies and columbines are my favorites.

  8. Thanks for the follow on my blog I love your photos

  9. Gorgeous flowers! The columbine is my favorite too! The one here in the east is red and yellow! I was just about to post some from my eastern woodlands today too---but guess what? We had a bear visit! I will have them up on my blog later today!


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