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19 May 2009

Tattoo Me by Love

As some of you know I recently got a tattoo and as I promised I am sharing my experience. After talking over my idea and giving Mez Love some photos she worked up a sketch of my idea. We talked about it and fine tuned it until it was just right.

The day of my appointment I was a little giddy and a little nervous. Getting a tattoo has been on my "bucket list" for a long time and I was ready. But since this was my first I wondered how much was this really going to hurt! People had been telling me quite frequently all the stories they had heard about how much it hurts. Well, I can tell you from experience that the anticipation was much worse than the reality. I clenched my teeth waiting for the first sting of the needles and was surprised that it was mostly just irritating.

The first thing Mez does is put on the ink template from her sketch.

Mez Love really does love her work. She starts by doing all the outlines in black ink.

The black ink is done and it really is starting to look like a tattoo.

Time for a break and a peek at the progress.

It's done! I absolutely love it! The pinkness will fade and heal in a couple weeks and I have my specially designed by Mez Love tattoo. Thanks Mez!


  1. VERY BRAVE! it's so beautiful!
    way to go :)))

  2. Thanks Ellen! But really, it didn't bother me!

  3. Oh wow! Julie it is so beautiful! Really a cool design - I know it means a lot to you! :)

  4. Thanks Allie! Yeah, I'm sentimental about my dog, Keota, that passed away over two years ago. I've had six dogs now, but she was one of a kind. Very special to me. That is her protecting me.

  5. Gorgeous! You are a very, very brave women!

  6. OHHH YAAAYY!! it's so beautiful julie!!!
    welcome to the tat club!! :D
    i almost passed out with my 2nd one on my wrist that is just text, so YOU my lady are amazing! i don't think i could get one that large without fading quickly! :)
    and with all that is going on lately with my little sweeties, i can totally appreciate such a sentimental tattoo.
    you totally rock! i am so happy for you! :)

  7. You are brave Julie! Looks good!
    My Mom called me Sunday thanking me for being her only child without a tat! LOL I guess all my sisters went and got them the other day!

    Enjoy yours!

  8. hi nice blog i hope you will follow my blogs to.thanks

  9. Wow Julie! I love it!!!! It is so beautiful and the colors are awesome! The picture is so full of such wonderful hidden meanings that can be drawn upon by each observer! You Rock Girl!
    Hugs, Mem

  10. Wow-- what an elaborate and beautiful tattoo! Indeed the design seems very "you." :)

  11. Delilah, Thanks!
    Michelle(UrbanJunkies), yes, I am a total sap when it comes to my being sentimental about my dogs. Thanks for the cheers!
    Julie(GypsyMoon), LOL I wonder what my Mom will think? She doesn't know yet. Of course, maybe she does now!
    Bebe Blog, Thanks for visiting!
    Mem, Aww. You are so sweet to notice so much.
    Kenna, Thanks for your sweet comment!

  12. ...bellissimo tattoo...
    ... bellissima tu...
    Ciao ..Loris ..Italy....

  13. sauvage27, *blushing* Thank you friend.

  14. Julie - It looks great, and wonderful placement as well. Looks like you had fun too!

  15. Love the design! Congrats!


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