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16 April 2009

Friday Favorites - ACEOs

ACEO stands for "Art Cards, Editions and Originals". These cards have only one rule, they are 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches, the size of a trading card.

The reason for this is so that they can be traded! Artists have been happily trading cards, but the general public was left out in the cold. After artists realized this they made their cards available for sale at remarkably low prices so that everyone could join in the fun!

Art Cards can be a riot! Artists from all over the world are creating, and now selling these little gems in different mediums and of different subjects. To get you started I have selected four of my favorites. Just click on the names to find out more information and how to purchase. You can't stop at just one!

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  1. love ACEO's- need to start collecting and trading- great blog!

  2. LOVE these, Julie! LOVE ACEO's so much! They are addictive!

  3. Beautiful ACEO'S!! Love all the images!!

  4. Beautiful selections, love em.

  5. I became addicted as soon as I found ACEOs a couple of years ago! They are such fun to make, and although my collection is small, I am very proud of the few that I have bought or traded!

  6. I love PhotoTeresa's art card. Gorgeous.

    I hatehatehate making ACEOs. Blah. I guess I'm an oddball.

  7. ooohhhh! Ld's is awesome, as are all of them!

  8. Thanks for looking everyone!

  9. nice choices this week Jules!


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