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03 April 2009

Friday Favorites - Using Shape and Form in Photography

I love the dynamic movement of these following three photographs. The old Packard seems to be flying down a Chicago street on a get away. My eye is naturally drawn to the back of the car perpetuating the forward motion. "Noctournal Stucco" beckons me to go around that corner as my eye follows the curving archway. And "Galaxies" bursts like the Fourth of July, coming right off the page at you!

They are all very different but all are excellently composed using form and shape to accentuate motion. The black and white nature of each encourages the eye to follow the form giving them an even greater impact. These photographers have mastered shape and form!

The last photograph of the turbulent water is my own contribution.  The solid rock and swirling water lend the illusion of movement to a static art form.  I hope you like it!

Classic Packard Automobile 5 x 7 Photograph

classic silver packard automobile

Noctournal Stucco - 8x12 Photographic Print

night time architectural columns

Galaxies- Fine Art Print-8x8

botanical plant

And here is an example of my own work using shape and form. Hope you like it!

Rushing Water
Colorado river rapids photo, of swirling rapids of water around a rock in a turbulent wild mountain river. Perfect for adding the dynamic power of a wild mountain river to your home, office, or bathroom decor. St. Vrain River, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.


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  3. Wonderful selections, Julie! They are all so beautiful!

  4. julie! these are such awesome choices! what a fantastic theme! :)

  5. Very nice on all of these--my fave has to be the close up of the car!

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  6. Thanks Pfeiffer Photos for the tip!

  7. Julie - Lovely Picks of photos! I always enjoy reading your blog :)

  8. Wow-- these are awesome!! Wonderfully composed!


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