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21 April 2009

Friday Favorites - Butterflies

The Genesis of the Butterfly

The dawn is smiling on the dew that covers
The tearful roses; lo, the little lovers
That kiss the buds, and all the flutterings
In jasmine bloom, and privet, of white wings,
That go and come, and fly, and peep and hide,
With muffled music, murmured far and wide.
Ah, the Spring time, when we think of all the lays
That dreamy lovers send to dreamy mays,
Of the fond hearts within a billet bound,
Of all the soft silk paper that pens wound,
The messages of love that mortals write
Filled with intoxication of delight,
Written in April and before the May time
Shredded and flown, playthings for the wind's playtime,
We dream that all white butterflies above,
Who seek through clouds or waters souls to love,
And leave their lady mistress in despair,
To flit to flowers, as kinder and more fair,
Are but torn love-letters, that through the skies
Flutter, and float, and change to butterflies

Victor Hugo

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  1. Lovely poem... I haven't read that one before... such gorgeous pictures too Julie .... butterflies are definitely one of my favourite creatures. They symbolize change, metamorphosis, growth, intrigue and beauty ....... thank you for including my little pretty amongst these other lovely creations. you rock.

  2. Wow, Julie - incredible poem! Thank you so much for including my print in this grouping of beautiful butterflies!

  3. Wonderful poem and lovely photographs to go with it.

    Happy Friday and Etsy Day, Julie

  4. Julie I am honored to be included with these fine photographers. Thank you!


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