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08 April 2009

Friday Favorites - Trees

In the Presence of Trees

I named you once.
Oldest soul I have ever known,
standing sentry over the sunflower
field behind the school, your rings were
innumerable. Tree I named you, but that
name is long forgotten, a secret only the slow
stumble of childhood retains. Adults cannot know
the names of the trees. Not the true names
bestowed by fey children with grass
in their hair.
If they knew
they would
never be able to replace them with subdivisions.

(c) 2008 T. Soulen

Kenna Foster

Clancy's Classics

The Eye

Gary Heller Photography

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  1. Lovely, Julie! A great feature and lovely Photographs to go with it!

  2. I love the poem on Trees... so nice...
    thank you for including my Belgo Pond photo in your blog... :)

  3. That poem's beautiful and bittersweet. And I love the photograph by Clancy's Classics-- I want to be in it!

  4. That poem and poet and design of it are a wonderful thing and truly touched my heart! Thank you for including my tinted photo of the trees and the path between them.. I always loved the big tree in my front yard growing up on the farm. It had a swing and those memories were brought back with that poem! I loved it!! thanks again.. I am putting up a link at my blog to your site if that is ok. have a wonderful friday and weekend to you Julie and yours!
    Love that snow and dog photo too...

  5. Thank you all so much! The wonderful poem was written by a very talented young woman, my daughter. If I can talk her into it I will share more of her wonderful work in future posts.

  6. wow great picks and great pix!

  7. Beautiful poem, I like it much. The talent runs in the family i see.
    Thanks for including my bonsai tree in your selection.

  8. Just had to break out of the hiatus for a bit...

    Oooohhhh, Julie... I love that poem. Should I confess that it touched me enough to make me start to choke up a little? Well, I did, and you can tell your daughter. :)

    I guess my deep, abiding love affair with trees is probably pretty obvious, hmmm? I'm so honored that you made me part of this wonderful tribute to them... Thank you.

  9. Kenna I will tell her and it will mean a lot to her, I guarantee it!

  10. Another gorgeous group, Julie! Very calming - again - you are good at seeking that out and at creating it yourself! Beautiful work, everyone! Happy Easter! , allie

  11. Wonderful feature, Julie! Amazing work- love all of them! And this poem is just hard to describe- so beautiful!

  12. Beautiful!!!

    Mine is up now! I had a posting glitch (set it to April 10 at midnight but I never hit "publish" so it was still a draft!!). Sorry bout that!

  13. Thanks everyone! Be sure to click on the photographer to purchase a photo. Please visit the other participating blogs at the bottom of the post too!

  14. i love the poem! your daughter is so talented! :)
    she takes after her momma for sure! :D

    and such wonderful photos!

  15. Lovely Poem and photo choices!

    A treat to read for sure :)


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