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01 April 2009

What the Heck is That? Contest

Yesterday I showed you some of the outside. Today I'll let you see some inside.

Did I mention that the person that comes closest to guessing what this is will win their choice of any 5x7 or 5x5 photo, a $15.00 value, from my Etsy Shop! To enter please leave your photo choice and a way to contact you.

Yes it is a memorial, in fact, a national memorial. Now can you tell me the name and where it is?


  1. looks like some kind of outdoor ampitheater

  2. Sorry Julie I have no idea. It looks like some kind of steps.

  3. Is it a church or place of prayer and reflection?

  4. Maybe a memorial or shrine - for prayer and remembering/honoring someone?

    If I win - I want this (such a hard choice!):

    :), allie

  5. i still think amphitheater! those look like funky seat cushions! so i am sure of it now! right? ;p

  6. oops, forgot! if i am lucky enough to win, i would LOVE this:)

  7. I'm having trouble with my internet satellite so bear with me if I don't get right back. That said, it is not an amphitheater. Sorry Michelle. Jennifer you were really close but Allie is right. It is a memorial. Now, who can tell me the name? Here is your next hint: it is a national memorial.

  8. I can't guess, but I'm lovin these two photos.
    Very nice

  9. those dots remind me of those felt thingies you put on the bottom of your chairs so you don't scratch your hardwood floor LOL...

    no idea what memorial it would be...

  10. Vietnam Veteran's National Memorial, Angel Fire, New Mexico!

  11. darn!! hmmmm, i have no idea! i give up! my next guess was it is a ufo!
    cool pics julie! :)


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