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26 April 2009

Sunday Morning Gallery - Lake City to Marmot Crossing

Ric and I took this camping trip in June 1997 but it is one that really sticks with me. We packed up our camping gear, and our dogs Keota and Champ. Champ was just a young pup at the time. We loaded up our brand new Toyota 4Runner to test out its grit, and headed to Lake City, Colorado.

Lake City is an 1870’s mining town, located in a valley formed by the convergence of Henson Creek, and the headwaters of the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River. The picturesque community is surrounded by majestic, 14,000 foot peaks, and tall, old growth Cottonwood trees line the highway through town. Lake City has an elevation of 8,671 feet.

On the way to our camp site we traveled through some beautiful country. I had to stop to take a picture of the "marmot crossing" sign. I had never seen such a sign and to this day I have never seen another one. You know you are remote when you have to stop for marmots!

We finally found our designated camp in a hard to find state forest campground and set up camp. When we stay in one spot for a week we like to set up the "circus tent" which is really just a huge LL Bean tarp that is plenty roomy for outside living when the unpredictable mountain weather gets rough. We learned long ago that it is not too fun to spend all day in a tiny tent with two dogs. It is our outside room with a view.

I will be continuing the story of our Lake City trip with more pictures in a future post. Stay tuned to hear about our 4wheeling adventure to Cinnamon Pass.


  1. These are beautifully composed photographs Julie and what lovely country. i really admire the shot of the looking out from within the tent.
    The Marmot crossing is great! I'll take that over Deer Crossing any day. . .

  2. Julie, what a wonderful camping trip and your photographs are awesome! I have only seen one marmot, a quick peek at one in Yellowstone.

    Those old mining town are beautiful.

  3. You have a great eye and a knack for writing! I really enjoyed this so far and look forward to a future post to hear more of your adventures with the dogs and husband... this really makes me long for a woodland trip after being in the desert for almost 5 years now...Marianne

  4. i love that tent shot!! you have such great adventures!
    gorgeous shots julie! :)

  5. What a great camping experience. I can't wait to get out there this summer. I don't think I have to watch out for marmots, but I should watch out for the moose here in VT.


  6. Thank you all so much! Part 2 will be coming up soon!

  7. Thanks for dropping by my blog Julie! Your photography is wonderful. And yes, you should pick up those pastels again - they're such a wonderful medium!



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